Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Hair Tutorial: Side Spike and American Crew Tea Tree Styling Cream Review


This season Im really loving the American Crew-esque clean, sophisticated slanted spike cut. Its simple yet edgy and classic with a twist.

This tutorial will be using the American Crew Tea Tree Styling Cream Firm Hold product. Ive never been a fan of American Crew's hair products as I usually hate the smell, its often overbearing and rather off for my taste. However I have quite thick individual hair strands and needed to find a product that would hold. Also as I have dark hair it was vital that the product did not leave any white marks. So I asked my hairdresser to recommend me a product and he had me try this one.

At first after he put it on I didnt like the smell at all, but as the day went on I started getting used to the smell and daresay even liked it. In need of a good product combined with my growing love for the smell and light feel of the Tea Tree Styling Cream, I bought it before the days end.

So anyway enough review bable and onto the tutorial.

1. On damp hair, blow dry your spiking area so that by the time its dry it is standing. (I think this is particularly important for me to achieve longevity of the style due to my thick strands)
2. Rub a coin size amount all over your hands and using your FINGERTIPS dig in to the roots of the hair area you want to spike. Make sure you get a good amount on your roots as this is what will be keeping your spikes up.
3. Then using the rest of your hands rub all over your hair.
4. Spike the area you want spiked and manipulate it to one side according to your natural fringe line (the side your hair naturally falls on). Play around with it to get the style you want.
5. Pat down the sides and back of your hair. I find this part rather important in finishing your look and I never used to do it but it just looks SO much better. Otherwise you'll have a nicely spiked top with dry looking sides and back.

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